Why Do I Need Affirmations?


Sometimes, we underestimate our ability to take control of our lives by thinking differently. We assume that we are not capable of living imagesabundantly or worse, we don’t deserve it.  A typical person might call this attitude “realistic’’; but for an optimistic person these are just plain excuses. We can do something about this mindset. We just have to truly desire the abundance; this is why we need affirmations.

Affirmations are like the backbone of our drive, they provide strength, courage, and hope.They help us believe that in time, we will receive what we’re yearning for. But not everyone is confident enough to claim the lives they are dreaming of. For most people, fear holds them back. They are too scared that if they affirm themselves and declare their hopes out loud, they become vulnerable. For some, it’s pride. They assume that they don’t need affirmations or don’t believe in them because they are “stupid, unreliable and some say unproven.’’ These are just a few excuses that people use against affirmations.

But just think about it: what is there to lose? You encourage yourself every now and then, anyway. Why not affirm yourself and live life in the most positive way possible? You’ll see changes soon enough.

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