How Affirmations Work


        There is a simple logic behind how affirmations work. It can even be likened to a basic math formula where affirmations + action = desired results. But just as all human beings are different in many ways, so is the possibility that this simple logic could be complicated for each and every person.

Some people do it right, others do it wrong. Some do it better, others inconsistently. Some have reaped results, others are still waiting, and most have given up. You see, every man has a different response from the other. But what I believe and claim to be true is the fact that affirmations work.

However, there are a few things that need to be considered when making affirmations. First and most importantly, it should be in a positive statement. Of course, you might say. But have you really applied this fact? Humans are wired to be pessimistic. Perhaps it can be attributed to our childhood experiences or harsh and disappointing encounters in this cruel world. Which may be the reason why we use affirmations that say “I am not stupid.’’ Now you might ask, what’s wrong with this statement? It is merely a declaration that the person saying this is not stupid. And you’re right there is nothing wrong with it. But when you dig deeper, there is little or no good effect from this statement. Why? Because instead of believing that you are not stupid, you tend to believe and focus on two things: you and stupid. This is very wrong and is mainly the reason why it is strongly suggested to use affirmations in a positive statement. If we were to revise the previous affirmation to make it more effective it would be said in this way, “I am smart.’’ You would love to agree with this statement that’s why you would start believing so, treat yourself with respect and demand for the world to do the same.

Another thing that should be taken into consideration is in declaring your affirmation in the present tense instead of the future. There’s nothing wrong with looking forward but it’s better to start assuming that you already are. When you say “I will be a writer’’ it will evoke a lot of other thoughts like “I might never be a writer, I might not be good enough, it will always be just a dream.’’ These are all negative and inevitable when you look at it that way. But when you affirm yourself by saying “I am a writer’’ it will inspire you to work and live as if you really are which will make it even more satisfying when you become one.

In most cases, the only thing that could go wrong with affirmations is one’s approach as indicated in the examples given. It greatly affects the possibility of things happening. There is power in belief but there is greater power in unbelief. One error in your attitude with affirmations could affect its entire outcome. It only takes a little makeover to make something perfect. In the same way, it only takes practice to make affirmations work.


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